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Centrelink is an Australian Government Statutory Agency, assisting people to become self-sufficient and supporting those in need.


Centrelink - Age Pension
If you have reached retirement age, the Age Pension ensures you have an adequate income in your retirement.

Centrelink - Caring
Centrelink supports carers with a range of payments.

Centrelink - Concession Cards
Centrelink has several types of concession cards, which provide a range of benefits, including help with the cost of medicines.

Centrelink - Financial Information Service (FIS)
The Financial Information Service (FIS) educates and informs a wide range of people on financial and lifestyle issues.

Centrelink - Help after Someone has Died
Centrelink can provide you with financial assistance after someone has died.

Centrelink - Home Page
Centrelink assists people to become self-sufficient and supports those in need.

Centrelink - Illness, Injury and Disability
Centrelink offers a range of payments while you are ill, injured or have a disability.

Centrelink - Pension Bonus Scheme
The Pension Bonus Scheme is a voluntary scheme that rewards people who decide to defer claiming Age Pension or a service pension from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and keep on doing some paid work.

Centrelink - Pension Loans Scheme
The Pension Loans Scheme can help you if you have capital tied up in assets and you need more income to live on.

Centrelink - Rent Assistance
Rent Assistance gives you extra help if you rent privately.

Centrelink - Seniors Supplement
Seniors Supplement assists you to pay regular bills such as energy, rates, phone and motor vehicle registration fees.

Centrelink - Services for Veterans
Centrelink provides a Veteran Information Service and a Community Support Service in selected Centrelink Customers Service Centres to help veterans. These services are delivered on behalf of the Department of Veterans' Affairs.

Centrelink - Work Bonus
The Work Bonus is an incentive for pensioners of age pension age to remain in the workforce.