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Retirement Villages in Queensland (QLD): Disclosure of Information

The regulation of retirement villages in Queensland (QLD) is the responsibility of the Queensland State Government. The retirement villages laws comprise the Retirement Villages Act 1999 (the Act) and the Retirement Villages Regulation 2010 (the Regulations).

The main information document that must be provided to prospective residents is called a "public information document". It must be in the approved form and to avoid confusion it must relate to only one retirement village scheme (section 74(1)).

The public information document must:

  • include a copy of the relevant registration certificate for the scheme (section 74(2))
  • state the day it was provided for approval (section 74(3))
  • state any applicable age limits for residents (section 74(4))
  • make provision for information regarding:
    • accommodation (section 75), including:
      • the type of tenure or interest that is available
      • the insurance arrangements for the village, including any excess
    • resident contributions (section 76), including:
      • the ingoing contribution, exit fee, services charges and fund contributions
      • how the exit fee is worked out, including the minimum and maximum amounts
      • how the general services charge is worked out
      • how the resident's exit entitlement will be worked out when the resident's right to reside in the village is terminated (section 77)
    • funds (section 78), including:
      • details of the funds the scheme operator is required to keep
      • the balance of each fund at the end of the previous financial year
      • the amount of the capital fund contribution
    • facilities (section 79), including facilities that the scheme operator:
      • undertakes to offer
      • proposes to offer subject to contingencies
      • when charges will be levied for particular facilities.
    • the retirement village land (section 80), including:
      • whether a statutory charge is created over the land by the Act
      • whether there are any other encumbrances over the land
    • residents' rights (section 81), including what a resident's rights are:
      • to rescind a residence contract during the cooling off period
      • to be given financial information
      • if the residence contract is terminated
    • the resale process (section 82), including:
      • how the resale value is decided
      • when reinstatement work is required and who pays for it
      • the process for accepting and refusing offers
      • the provision of monthly sales information
      • how the expenses of sale are to be shared
    • dispute resolution (section 83), including:
      • the types of disputes for which dispute resolution is available
      • how a dispute may be submitted to mediation or the tribunal
      • the fee for an application to the tribunal.

The public information document must be given to a prospective resident before they enter into a residence contract (section 84).

More Information?

For general information about retirement villages, please see our Retirement Villages Guide.

For additional specific information about retirement villages in Queensland, please see the following pages:

  1. Introduction and Overview

  2. Registration

  3. Disclosure of Information

  4. Legal Documentation and Cooling-Off

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