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Goodwin Monash

Goodwin Monash
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Baldwin Living Vaucluse Gardens
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Beauty Point Retirement Resort

Beauty Point Retirement Resort
Padstow Heights NSW


Departure Fee, Exit Fee and Deferred Management Fee (DMF) Calculator

You can use our Departure Fee, Exit Fee and Deferred Management Fee (DMF) Calculator to estimate how much a particular departure fee, exit fee, deferred management fee or DMF could be over different periods in a range of scenarios.

The formula used to calculate the departure fee can vary greatly from village to village, so you will need to adjust the input variables in the green cells accordingly. Just click on a green cell, change the value and press "Enter" or click on another cell. If you need to start again, just refresh the page.

You can find more information about the variables in the calculator in our Departure Fee Calculator Instructions and Explanations.

Please note that:

  1. the amounts in the "Total Departure Fee" column below are the sum of the percentage departure fee, the operator's share of any capital gain and any additional administration fee that may be payable
  2. a departure fee that is based on the resale price automatically applies to any portion of the resale price that comprises a capital gain, so there should be no further apportionment of any capital gain and the capital gain percentage below should be left at zero
  3. the calculator has not been designed to work with negative growth rate assumptions and a careful review of the legal documentation and the relevant legislation will be required to determine the outcome in such situations.

Please also note that the calculator is not a substitute for legal or financial advice. Before making a commitment to move to a retirement village, prospective residents should obtain specific legal and financial advice from independent and qualified practitioners who are familiar with their personal and financial circumstances and their particular legal documentation. Please also review our Terms of Use before you use the calculator. Use constitutes acceptance of those terms.

More Information?

Please see the following pages of this Retirement Villages Guide for further information:

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  2. Why Are Retirement Villages So Complicated, Confusing and Controversial?

  3. Financial Considerations

  4. How Are Retirement Village Departure Fees Calculated?

  5. What Are Retirement Village Departure Fees For?

  6. Free Departure Fee Calculator

  7. Top 10 Tips

  8. Rental Accommodation

  9. Pets

  10. Legislation

  11. The Retirement Village Handbook

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