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Grovedale Gardens

Grovedale Gardens
Grovedale VIC

Bridgewater Lake Retirement Estate

Bridgewater Lake Retirement Estate
Roxburgh Park VIC

Woodstock West Village

Woodstock West Village
Bunbury WA


Retirement Villages Guide - State Specific Information

Each Australian State and Territory has enacted specific retirement villages legislation that defines what is and what is not a retirement village for the purposes of the legislation and regulates many aspects of the relationship between retirement village operators and their residents and prospective residents.

The legislation sets out the main substantive provisions and is generally accompanied by Regulations that incorporate detail and provide flexibility to fine tune the laws over time.

The legislation generally deals with matters such as:

  1. the disclosure of information to prospective residents of retirement villages
  2. the content of the contracts between residents and operators of retirement villages
  3. the rights and obligations of residents and operators of retirement villages
  4. resident input in the management of retirement villages
  5. mechanisms for resolving disputes between residents and operators of retirement villages.

As the detail is different in each State and Territory, we are developing a knowledge base of information that is specific to each State and Territory to supplement the information in our Retirement Villages Guide, which is more broadly relevant to retirement villages throughout Australia. You can use the following links to access the State specific information that is currently available:

  1. New South Wales (NSW)

  2. Queensland (QLD)

  3. More Coming

Retirement Villages Guide

Please see the following pages of our Retirement Villages Guide for further information that is relevant to retirement villages throughout Australia:

  1. Introduction and Overview

  2. Why Are Retirement Villages So Complicated, Confusing and Controversial?

  3. Financial Considerations

  4. How Are Retirement Village Departure Fees Calculated?

  5. What Are Retirement Village Departure Fees For?

  6. Free Departure Fee Calculator

  7. Top 10 Tips

  8. Rental Accommodation

  9. Pets

  10. Legislation

  11. The Retirement Village Handbook

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