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Goodwin Aged Care Services

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Goodwin Aged Care Services

Goodwin offers a range of aged care and accommodation that has won numerous awards.

Our community-based not-for profit organisation has provided the Canberra region and its communities with independent living villages that are geared towards experience, innovative and reliable in-home care and superior residential aged care facilities for more than 60 year.

Goodwin’s award winning villages are built with the highest standards. Our villages are built and owned by us, and we also take care of the maintenance. So you can be sure that we build quality to last. Fixtures and fittings also have to be of high quality. Our villages have been designed to encourage active living, as well as links to the natural world. They are based on our experience in providing care to seniors.

Goodwin offers quality at an affordable price. Apartments and Villas are priced in relation to the average house prices of a particular area. Our aged care beds are reserved primarily for those with limited means.

Goodwin offers a continuum support throughout your ageing journey, as we understand that each individual is unique and every journey is unique. You can rest assured that Goodwin will provide you with quality services, no matter which service we are providing.

  • Since 1954, we have been serving Canberra and the surrounding NSW area. Growing strong.
  • ACT’s biggest not-for profit aged care provider locally based, owned by its members (mostly residents).
  • We’re independent. We are not affiliated with any other organisation, business, property developer, religious or political body.
  • We are proud of our unmatched reputation as a leader in the industry. We’ve also won many awards.


The National Council of Women is the foundation of our organization. In 1954, a group forward-thinking Canberra women proposed the establishment of a housing settlement.

Twelve community leaders pursued the ambitious idea. Professor L.F., a well-known political expert. Crisp, and A.T. Shakespeare, the founding editor of The Canberra Times. The group was renamed the Goodwin Centre Development Committee in honour of Lieutenant Colonel John Goodwin who was a tireless advocate on behalf of the Canberra community.

, our patron, the Hon Margaret Reid A.O., is proud to support Goodwin today.

Each member of our team is dedicated to helping our clients live a life of the highest quality, in a vibrant, caring and supportive community.
Our team members are passionate about what they do. From cooking delicious, nutritionally balanced meals to organizing fun activities every day to leading Goodwin as upper management. They love their work and are dedicated to improving the lives of clients. Our staff loves making a positive difference.
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